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Well, neither my parents nor myself is grokking it, so I was wondering if the Group Mind of this comm could by any chance answer DaveyK's question as to what the ring-tailed rambling hell* today's strip has to do with anything in the Primary World.

* Okay, he said neither "ring-tailed rambling hell" nor "Primary World", but that doesn't make his question not a good one; it just means I embellished it.
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Going "Green"

Regarding today's Mallard Strip (Aug 10th 07), I could have sworn he was going to say "all the jokes in the forthcoming strips will be recycled from previous jokes, which were in turn recycled from William F Buckley's daydreams as recorded by Rush Limbaugh." In this regard, Mallard's been an "environmentalist" since the very beginning "of" his "comic strip".

I'm sad "this" community "is" dead.
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Sodom and Gomorah

Today, Mallard Fillmore is saddened that high school seniors (according to the world's most illegible footnote) aren't learning about Sodom and Gomorah. Reaching down into mself to find the deepest well of sympathy I can muster, I find myself patting him on the shoulder and saying...WHO GIVES A RUSTY FUCK???
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I want to fuck with you all, casual Smiler, I'm going to fuck you to death, bad President no blowjob

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From one of my alter-ego emails, I sent the following to, with copies to and

I support Bruce Tinsley's campaign to draft Walter
Williams as the Republican nominee for President.
Having read Williams' columns in the (Mississippi Gulf
Coast) Sun-Herald before relocating to the tri-state
area, I firmly believe that Williams' defenses of the
free market deserve wider exposure, and that America
would only benefit from having his ideas linked to the
Republican Party.

[pseudonym redacted]

Every word of that is actually true; I just left out the part where (I hope) having Williams' Thatcherite "there is no such thing as society and anyone who hits a bad patch should either fend for himself or be fucked to death by the wolves" philosophy associated with the GOP will ensure that they never get anyone elected to any post higher than dogcatcher again until they either (a) purge the Randroids and the FunDementos or (b) die out.
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